Racing with Jo

Over the years Jo has had a number of jobs – hairdresser, office worker, psychopaedic nurse, training officer (teaching intellectually disabled), dairy owner, prison officer, jockey (in skinnier days!), sales person, radio announcer, and for the past 9 years TV Presenter.

The worst job she can ever remember having is the one where she sold mats, that supposedly sucked every bit of dust out of the universe, to unsuspecting shop owners to place in the entrances of their shops to keep them spic and span! You do have to believe in the product!

St Margarets College was Jo’s first school, followed by St Albans, Heaton Intermediate, Christchurch Girls High and Rangiora High. (None suited!) Later did some English papers at Massey University.

Jo has represented N.Z for Pistol Shooting having competed in two Oceania Games and a World Cup (Bronze Medal). A shoulder injury forced a break but she is back shooting and is hoping for National selection again in the future.

At the last General Election Jo was the Act candidate for Ilam and if you ever want to talk politics feel free – it is one of her passions. Law and Order is a pet topic alongside of all New Zealanders being treated equally regardless of race, colour or creed. Benefit fraud doesn’t sit well with her and yes! this country can afford tax cuts! She is not all hard nosed and has been mentoring a young offender for the past 5 years and a couple of years ago fostered a young female offender.

Jo’s has also focused her efforts in the latest Mayoral campaign and she believes this city needs a Mayor who would be not only a good Ambassador but have passion and a vision for the future of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula. She would like to see entry level crime such as graffiti, car theft, and the like targeted and, as happened in the Bronx in New York, there would be a decrease in more serious crime. People need to feel safe in Christchurch once again. She also feels that the current council has lost touch with the community. THINK BIG projects don’t necessarily create successful communities with good kids. The local pool and the local library, for example, are an integral part of the social development of both children and families alike.

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Winning at Riccarton on "Early Riser"

First venture into rallying ... Toyota Levin 1994

Just in front of James Daniels, Peugeot 106 Clubsport, Levels 1995

Dunlop Rallysprint Ashley Forest
Toyota Starlet, Gavin Henson co-driver & owner

Back again to Ashley Forest in an Evo4 leased from Dean Buist.
Sitting in 14th place overnight after doing 1min10sec.
Unfortunately crashed before the finish line and I could have
bought 2 speedway cars with what it cost to fix it !